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Trance Generational Trauma

Trance Generational Trauma is Psychological Trauma that can be passed down from generation to the next…

This video will change your life…

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Let me take you into this MAGICAL JOURNEY towards the NEW PAGE of your LIFE!

The world we live in is so fast and people are so unhappy, they have lost their drive and their passion for living the excitement of life, they were not born this way, every human being on this planet deserves to be HAPPY.

Due to experiences that we face, in our lifetime somehow we change, from that innocent child and DEPRESSION, SADNESS.GUILT, FEAR, WORRY and so many more feelings and emotions that WE DONT DESERVE TO HAVE., creep into our thoughts.


NOW ask yourself.

ARE YOU RELIVING SOMEONE ELSE’S LIFE? And the feelings you are experiencing right now were never yours that it has been passed down from your ancestors, through your DNA.

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