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INHERITED THERAPY is one of my newest approach in helping people overcome many of the problems and symptoms that is holding you back from living a happy and fulfilling life.

My name is Geoffrey Loveday and I am a full-time professional hypnotherapist and pure – hypnoanalyst and Certified Hypnosis Instructor

The Creator of Inherited Therapy® and The Loveday Method® (My Version)

Also the author of.

Are You Reliving Someone Else’s Life.

Let me take you into this MAGICAL JOURNEY towards the NEW PAGE of your LIFE!

The world we live in is so fast and people are so unhappy, they have lost there drive there passion for living the excitement of life,they were not born this way, every human being on this planet deserves to be HAPPY.

Due to experiences that we face,in our lifetime somehow we change,from that innocent child and

DEPRESSION,SADNESS.GUILT ,FEAR,WORRY and so many more feelings and emotions that WE DONT DESERVE TO HAVE.,creep into our thoughts.


(Three questions are not mine taken from a book written by Mark Wolynn Title: It Didn’t Start With You.)

THAT IS THE QUESTION WE NEED TO ASK OURSELVES.Now get a pen and paper and write these 3 questions down and answer ALL THREE.

Question 1.What are the core words you ask youself.That is a NEGATIVE STATEMENT,you repeat to yourself again and again.

Question 2.The feelings you are feeling sadness ,grief unhappiness, what ever you are going through in your life right now.

DID IT ORIGINATE with YOU.Really go inside yourself write down were you think it came from,you will be surprised

Question 3.Is there someone in your family history,who had the same issues,that you are experiencing and feeling.

Right Now.

NOW ask yourself.

ARE YOU RELIVING SOMEONE ELSES LIFE.And the feelings you are experiencing right now, were never yours that it has been past down from your ancestors,through your DNA.

I’m here to tell you it is NOT YOUR FAULT, you are NOT TO BLAME.

David came to me with a Social Phobia.

See what he had to say.

I approached Geoffrey after the realization that both my social anxiety and depression were controlling my life.

I believed that the root of my anxiety was from an incident back in college where I was singled out and humiliated by a group of friends. Despite me being a very confident person, I’ve been terrified of social situations ever since.

Geoffrey had taken me on a journey where I was able to relive a moment, in first-person, as my grandfather. At this particular moment, my grandfather was singled out and confronted by a group of men. This fear wasn’t mine. I was living somebody else’s life and taking on their fears as if they were mine.

It was after this particular session I had an epiphany. I’d recognized that the confidence that I thought I had throughout school wasn’t real. I wasn’t confident in myself. I never was. I was confident that no one was brave enough to confront me. That group of college friends didn’t just humiliate me. They confronted me. I was scared of being confronted and shown for who I was.

It quickly became clear that the incident in college, the root of it all, was actually just a trigger for something that I’d had all my life. Something that was not only passed down from my grandfather but from his ancestors too. I was living their life.

I wouldn’t have been able to come to this realization if I hadn’t met Geoffrey. I would’ve still believed that I was terrified of social situations, despite me living them every day.

Hypnotherapy has completely changed my life. For the first time ever, I feel in complete control of my body and emotions and have a solid understanding of why I feel the way I do. It’s allowed me to confidently do the things I’ve always wanted to do in life. This isn’t a miracle drug, this is simply allowing your body to remove the root of the problems that you don’t deserve to have.

This is Inherited Therapy.