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Hypnotherapy for Symptoms of Compulsive and Addictive Behaviours

Symptoms of compulsive and addictive behaviours can be easily resolved and or reduced using a number or methodologies implemented by Liverpool Hypnosis. Such methods include, but are not restricted to, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and pure hypnoanalysis. 

Compulsive behaviours are often referred to and considered to be a condition related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), which is universally recognised within the mental health sector. However, IAPH, The International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts, identifies that by considering both obsessive behaviours and compulsive behaviours separately, this can be more helpful for the person suffering; we recognise that the impact of both conditions upon people and the way in which they present and are experienced can vary. (For more information on obsessive behaviours and disorders click here.)

Although obsessive and compulsive behaviours can and often do trigger and/or heighten the other, by considering them independently this will help to determine the root cause of the issues. Equally, addictive and compulsive behaviours can be linked. However, there are clear disparities between the two and considering them separately can help to support the needs of the client. 

Compulsive behaviours are often defined as an intense urge to complete an action or ritual in an attempt to alleviate a strong feeling or worry. Compulsions can be physical or mental actions that a person feels compelled to engage in repeatedly, despite experiencing feelings of guilt or shame following the compulsion. 

Addiction is a term given to a process the causes a person to become reliant on a particular behaviour, thing and/or substance, in an attempt to manage and cope with everyday life. This dependency consumes the person affected and can be harmful to themselves and the world around them. 

Compulsive Behaviours and Disorders Treated Effectively with Hypnotherapy Methods

The catalogue of compulsive behaviours is extensive and can range from person to person. Equally the severity of these compulsions can differ from compulsive shopping to more severe behaviours such as self-harm. One of the issues with such behaviours is that when they become excessive, they can have a detrimental impact people’s lives; the compulsive shopper may find themselves heavily in debt, while the compulsive self-harmer risks placing their lives in jeopardy on a regular basis. 

The following list identifies, but is not limited to, several compulsive behaviours that have been successfully treated using methods of pure hypnoanalysis: 

  1. Excessive shopping
  2. Excessive drinking
  3. Addictive behaviour (e.g. gambling, misusing drugs or other substances, eating disorders such as bulimia)
  4. Sexual behaviours (e.g. having numerous sexual partners, having regular unprotected sex)
  5. Lying and/or cheating
  6. Nail biting
  7. Self-harming
  8. Hair twiddling and/or pulling (known as trichotillomania)
  9. Smoking (For more info on stopping smoking with hypnotherapy click here.)

As stated, this list is not exhaustive and if your particular issue has not been identified above please do not feel as though this method wont work for you, because it can: compulsive behaviours are so diverse and often individual to the person experiencing it. With hypnotherapy it is the underlying reasons, the roots causes for the behaviour that is of importance; by considering the root of the problem as opposed to just the compulsion, it is more likely that the presenting issues can be treated effectively. 

How Hypnotherapy Methods Can Help You

Many people experiencing difficulties with compulsive disorders and behaviours find themselves feeling out of control or driven by factors they can not understand. Sometimes people may experience feelings of shame or guilt about their condition and therefore avoid seeking help.

However, with the method of pure hypnoanalysis, you can eliminate these unwanted behaviours successfully (For more info on pure hypnoanalysis click here). 

At Liverpool Hypnosis we have found that we can typically help someone resolve their issues with compulsive behaviours in approximately 8 sessions. In addition, after a course of hypnotherapy, using the approach of pure hypnoanalysis, a greater awareness of self, increased confidence, self-efficacy and a strengthened belief in self is nurtured. Alongside this, a course of hypnosis can help to reduce stress levels and offer a relaxing space. 

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