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The Invisible Force Affecting Our Children. The Loveday Method Part 2…

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To Eliminate Harmful Influences From Your Child While They Sleep! Geoffrey Loveday offers an innovative and ground-breaking method in The Unseen Power Influencing Our Children that might help your child in overcoming mental issues and hereditary pain that have been plaguing your family for years. Do you hate witnessing your child’s suffering?

“The book is a MUST-READ for ALL PARENTS! Through captivating real-life stories of triumph over adversity…

The Loveday Method shows that positive change is possible, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

The Loveday Method is an advanced technique for travelling back in time through one’s own consciousness in order to access dormant memories that are stored within one’s DNA and are to blame for generational trauma. The purpose of this treatment is to provide therapy for traumas that have been present in the family for a great many years and to uncover the mysteries that are hidden within our Genes and consciousness.

About the Author… As a full-time professional hypnotherapist and Certified Hypnosis Instructor, also the Author of (Are You Reliving Someone Else’s Life?) Geoffrey Loveday has developed Inherited Therapy® and The Loveday Method® to help individuals overcome a range of problems and symptoms. He himself is an extraordinary example of the human race, possessing an unbreakable spirit and determination that has helped him overcome countless obstacles. In The Invisible Force Affecting Our Children The Loveday Method (Part 2), Geoffrey Loveday reveals how his method can re-educate people worldwide and alleviate the suffering that exists in the world today.

With paperback copies available for £22.99 Hardback £29.99 and Kindle format for £7.99 (or free via Kindle Unlimited),

The Invisible Force Affecting Our Children The Loveday Method (Part 2) is a must-read for anyone looking to change their life or help their child overcome the negative influences of the past.

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