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How to Reprogram a Childs’s Mind through the Power of Storytelling… The Loveday Method Part 4…

How to Reprogram a Childs’s Mind through the Power of Storytelling.

“The Magical Journey for Children”

The Fourth Book of a Series of seven books.

A Heptalogy:

By Geoffrey Loveday

Look out for my next book, the Fourth in the series of Seven, Coming Out in October 2023.

How to Reprogram A Childs’s Mind Through the Power Of Storytelling.

The Loveday Method:

Part 4

“The Magical Journey For Children”

I am a full-time professional hypnotherapist and practitioner in pure–hypnoanalysis, as well as a Certified Hypnosis Instructor. And now, much to my surprise, I find myself the author of 4 books.

My previous three works explore the psyche and the effects of Transgenerational Trauma.

Now I’ve decided to write a children’s book. This is writing designed to help a young mind develop its potential.

The book you’re holding in your hands is a testament to the incredible power of a child’s mind.

As someone who has delved deeply into the topics of the mind and Transgenerational Trauma, I’m thrilled to be taking a new approach with my latest project.

This children’s book is all about harnessing the incredible power of imagination and creativity that every child possesses.

A must-read for children with unwanted thoughts which will give your child hope.

A must-read for children with unwanted thoughts that will give your child hope.

A journey into the stories of the mind.

As I sat down to write this book, my thoughts drifted to the children of the world. Their laughter, their innocence, their boundless curiosity – these are the things that inspire me every day.

No matter where you go, you’ll find children. In bustling cities and quiet villages, on sandy beaches and snowy mountain tops, in schools and playgrounds and homes. They are the future, the hope of our world.

And yet, so many children face unimaginable challenges. Poverty, war, disease, and discrimination – these are just a few of the obstacles that stand in their way. But even in the face of such adversity, they remain resilient, courageous, and full of hope.

So I want to dedicate this book to the beautiful children around the world. May it bring a smile to your face, a spark to your imagination, and a sense of wonder to your heart. May you know that you are loved, cherished, and valued – no matter who you are or where you come from.

And may we all work together to build a better world for our children, one that is safe, just, and full of opportunity.

Because when we invest in our children, we invest in our future – and the future is bright, thanks to you.

A Journey into the Stories of the Mind

The Power of Storytelling

As you embark on the journey of this book, I can’t help but wonder about the emotions that are swirling within you. How are you truly feeling at this moment?

Perhaps as you delve deeper into these pages, you’ll uncover a story that resonates with your soul and sheds light on the shadows of unhappiness that you may be harbouring.

Allow yourself to be swept away by the power of storytelling and the transformative magic that lies within.