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I began my sessions with Geoff in August and my life back then was a complete mess I was on the brink, I had lost everything around me from my family my job and my friends, I had tried everything I could find in the years that had gone by with the cocaine addiction that I had been trapped in, I had gone to meetings with other addicts I couldn’t get clean I had got help and support from my drs and went to hospital I couldn’t get clean, I had spent money on a Psychiatrist I couldn’t get clean I even looked at rehab options with the consideration of paying over 5,000 pounds to get me of the cocaine. However the moment I stepped through the doors to see Geoff my life changed I connected with him on a spiritual level both in my mind and out, the places Geoff has taken me are incredible I have found my guardian angel In my Nan and gone to places out of this world in the future and in the past he truly has changed my life and who I am today. I have found inner peace and happiness and I love who I am today and I am so thankful for all the help and support Geoff has gave me, he is a fantastic hypnotherapist and a fantastic human being, seeing Geoff no matter what your problems are can change your life it has for me! I done everything I could and until I met Geoff and finally for the first time in my life love myself and put others first and not me and really love my life and everyone who is in it! Many thanks Geoff you truly are the best!❤️
Jon D
Jon D
12:56 27 Sep 19
Geoff honestly changed my life. I can’t recommend him enough.. I went to see him after having a rang of other therapies and honestly felt like this was a last resort. Starting the therapy was strange at first but it has made me a completely different person. The journey you go on with Geoff is like no other and seeing is honestly believing.. worth every single penny. Thank you so much mate, see you soon
Jamie Blundell
Jamie Blundell
19:52 13 Sep 19
I had seven sessions with Geoff and was truly taken on life changing journey.Geoff has done far more much than simply assist with the one area of my life that I initially sought out his help for. His techniques and strategies have had such a positive impact on all areas of my life and I cant thank him enough.keep up the good work mate!
Declan Archer
Declan Archer
10:47 13 Sep 19
Always an open minded, if non-religious, person I was keen to meet with Geof and experience hypnotherapy for the first time. I was not disappointed!I was NOT expecting to go on such an amazing journey. No, what I actually did was go on half a dozen incredible journeys.I had suffered with some 'unexplainable' (Dr's diag) symptoms for over a year and nobody could get to the bottom of them. But Geof helped me start to move forward, think more positively and learn to listen to my body.I can't thank him enough for the help he has given me and the work we did together.
David Tyrer
David Tyrer
13:59 22 Aug 19
Geof was referred to by a fellow business owner Wow how gratefull I am she did.Geoff is a real genuine down to earth family man with a pure passion for his work if you read his reviews you will see the same. My experience was one of troubles of stress getting balance and dealing with addictive behaviours. Not only after 5 sessions have I come away from his teachings and practice with all the above issues dissolved and resolved I have been on an amazing subconscious journey.MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR PASSPORT GUYS BECAUSE YOU ARE ABOUT TO GO ON THE GEOFF LOVELADY TRIP OF A LIFETIME. This is the real deal I was sceptical very sceptical this it 100% for real BRACE YOURSELF I learnt there is so much we need to understand about who we our and what we are here to do in life It's a massive puzzle for you to figure out but Geoff helps you understand with questions to ask yourself The guy has a genuine gift and is an inspiration and credit to his work.WE ARE LUCKY TO HAVE A WORLD CLASS HYPNO THERAPIST ON OUR DOIR STEP IN LIVERPOOL.Its alot more than hypnotherapy too as you will learn once your journey begins.Thank you Geoff you student and friend Darren Wilson Thank you for opening insights for me Your the best bud Thank you
DD Wilson Gas Engineers
DD Wilson Gas Engineers
20:32 12 Aug 19
I can say I have had the most beautiful amazing journeys through Geoff , I am forever grateful and blessed to have met him , my anxiety was constant physically and mentally, Geoff is an amazing gifted man and I will be forever grateful to him , he listens to everything you say and supports you in every way possible, I am so glad I met Geoff I cannot thank him enough, he is always there for you as he constantly phones you about your progress , if you need support for whatever reason than go and see Geoff, you will be so glad you did , I wake up of a morning and I smile now and it’s the best feeling in the world, thank you so much Geoff . Bernadette.
Bernadette Walls
Bernadette Walls
20:06 08 Aug 19
After trying several different types of treatments without success, we thought geoff was worth a try and hes worth every penny, this man is the best he makes you feel so welcome and puts you at ease , he is understanding, supportive and explains everything, after just one session you will notice the difference in yourself, can't recommend this man enough !! If you want genuine results then don't go anywhere else.
Julie Ali
Julie Ali
17:21 06 Aug 19
After being initially very skeptical, I spoke to Geoff and booked in for an initial session. Right away I was put at ease, and from the word go I knew that Geoff was going to be able to help me. The sessions are done in the most non-invasive way, and the whole experience was overwhelmingly positive. I went on some amazing journeys, and feel like I have re-discovered myself. I came away from each session feeling renewed and invigorated. I have absolutely no hesitation to recommend Geoff, you will be amazed at the results!
Steve Winslow
Steve Winslow
11:16 27 Jun 19
writing my review while sitting in sunny crete all thanks to geoff.. went to see him over my fear of flying which has obviously worked!! Upon meeting geoff i knew i was going to love him and the six sessions we done. My social anxiety has completely gone i am never home, and any event that comes up i am first to say “i will come” which is totally out of character for me. My whole mindset and outlook on life has changed and I can’t thank him enough for this. The six sessions we done were amazing he took me to places that blew me away. I was worried that I wouldn’t be in full control of myself but you are, completely. The first question everyone asks me is “are you in control” and you really are so don’t let that put you off. I would highly recommend geoff to anyone who is struggling in life whether it be anxiety, weight loss, fear of flying or anything that is generally holding you back. He really is amazing. Thanks again geoff. Love Annie
annie wilson
annie wilson
07:39 13 Jun 19
I've tried all the alternatives therapies, I was giving up before meet Geoff. I've felt a sadness since I was I child and never know why. This particular problem brought me anothers like lack of confidence, depression and many others, had no purpose to live. As long as we were doing the sessions this problems faded , was unbelievable. I AM proud of me know and able to live the life I always wanted to. I have no words to thanks Geoff enough!
Aline Alves
Aline Alves
20:32 24 Apr 19
After suffering with anxiety for most of my life i had six sessions with Geoff and cannot believe how my life has changed, my thought process has gone from a very negative mixed up person, to having a positive attitude on life. I never thought there was light at the end of the tunnel after trying lots of things from, therapy, medication i just assumed this was my life, how wrong i was, Geoff on behalf of myself and my family, THANKYOU for taking me out of the dark depressing times and bringing me into the fantastic life I have. Ceri :)
Ceri Scullion
Ceri Scullion
11:07 12 Apr 19
I really enjoyed my sessions with Geoff and he has helped me very much. He is patient and kind and knows exactly how to help people resolve their issues. I can't thank Geoff enough for his help and encouragement throughout my time with him. He is a very good.
ian lomas
ian lomas
11:12 07 Apr 19
I went to see Geoff due to suffering from Toilet Anxiety. I had tried CBT sessions in the past on the NHS which did not help at all. This issue had been eating away at me for over a year and was impacting on my quality of life. I then decided to give Geoff a call. Even after a couple of sessions, I was feeling more relaxed in myself and not as anxious. I went on amazing journeys with Geoff that I will never forget. At the end of the course, I felt like a different person and am now able to live my life to the full again. Thanks Geoff, you really are a miracle worker!
Ben Walsh
Ben Walsh
21:25 24 Mar 19
I have no clue what Geoff has done to me but I went to see him unable to walk and literally couldn't stop crying, this was after trying acupuncture and other therapies including medical specialists - after a year of chronic pain I went to see Harry Potters dad ( Geoff) the magician and after only 3 sessions I am walking, not crying and best of all planning a future - Thank you so much Geoff - what a journey you took me on and dropped me off in a much better place - never forget your words and valuable lessons - What else can I say about this miracle worker but Thank you again - see you soon
Margaret Mills
Margaret Mills
20:17 27 Oct 18
I have no clue what Geoff has done to me but I went to see him unable to walk and literally couldn't stop crying, this was after trying acupuncture and other therapies including medical specialists - after a year of chronic pain I went to see Harry Potters dad ( Geoff) the magician and after only 3 sessions I am walking, not crying and best of all planning a future - Thank you so much Geoff - what a journey you took me on and dropped me off in a much better place - never forget your words and valuable lessons - What else can I say about this miracle worker but Thank you again - see you soon
Margaret Mills
Margaret Mills
14:43 18 Sep 18
I have had chronic back pain that has impacted my life for over 15 years and, after 6 sessions of hypnotherapy with Geoff, I am now pain free. I went for hypnotherapy as a last resort having tried everything from major back surgery & anti-epilepsy drugs, to every type of exercise and physical manipulation going. The result of the hypnotherapy has been amazing and I now don't need to take pain killers to help me sleep or plan my life around keeping my pain down to bearable levels. Thank you Geoff
Wendy Waters
Wendy Waters
10:07 24 Aug 18
I didn't really know what to expect when I visited Geoff however straight away I trusted him to help me achieve my goals. I had a very positive experience and after my six sessions I am feeling much stronger and more like myself. I have and would recommend Geoff for hypnotherapy.
Ms Sanderson
Ms Sanderson
09:00 23 Aug 18
I have just finished the most amazing journey! I came to Geoff lacking motivation and generally feeling low and in need of direction. Six sessions later, I can honestly say I'm starting to feel like 'me' again. I'm motivated to exercise more, I'm eating and shopping healthily and have a more positive outlook on life. I cannot recommend Geoff highly enough - he immediately put me at ease and is so easy to talk to. The mind is an amazing place and I shall carry the memories of my sessions forever. Thanks for everything!
Sue J
Sue J
11:06 12 Aug 18
What can I say about Geoff . He is brilliant . He is kind , professional and a great hypnotherapist. When I first came to see Geoff , I was depressed , unable to move on with my life following the death of my parents and my husband . I had no desire to do things and no confidence . Geoff changed all that . He took me on a journey and made me see that it was okay move on with my life , that my loved ones were always there around me supporting me I even gave them a hug which was wonderful . He showed me that it was okay to do what I wanted now no more sadness no more guilt . We went to amazing places and at one point I was flying , spreading my wings free as a bird . I also met an amazing lion walking alongside me which to me signified strength and courage . I can’t thank Geoff enough for helping me see that life is for living . I would recommend Geoff to anyone considering hypnotherapy he is one amazing man. Thank you so much Geoff and take care Sue x
Susan Thompson
Susan Thompson
19:30 30 Jul 18