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My name is Geoff Loveday , and I am a full-time professional hypnotherapist and pure – hypnoanalyst.

Hypnotherapists have been working with people to help them resolve their issues for hundreds of years. As Members of the International Association of Pure Hypnoanalysts we use a unique form of hypnotherapy, called pure hypnoanalysis……

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The most important thing that I concentrate on, is making every session; informative, productive and relaxing. I like my clients to feel as comfortable as possible so they can benefit from the therapy in a full relaxed state of mind.

There are many hypnotherapists to choose from in Liverpool and you maybe thinking about which one is right for you. Ultimately, only you can be the judge of that. That is why I offer a 100% free initial consultation, so you can see whether my methods would be the right fit for you.

Problems Helped

As a professional supervised hypnotherapist, Geoff can help you to overcome many of the problems and symptoms that might be holding you back, or stopping you from leading a happy and fulfilled life. It might be that you simply want to stop smoking easily – without the hassle of withdrawal… or that you need to resolve some social anxiety that makes you feel lacking in confidence or unable to engage people… either way, your problem will be helped in a professional, caring and non-judgmental way – with a view to resolve your symptom(s) as quickly as possible.

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*About Hypnotherapy

There are two main types of hypnotherapy: suggestion therapy, and analytical hypnotherapy (sometimes called hypnoanalysis). Suggestion therapy only generally takes one or two sessions (but varies from person to person), and is ideal for: stopping smoking, exam nerves, getting on a flight, driving tests etc…. More

Hypnoanalysis, is a very short course of psychotherapy used in conjunction with hypnosis and generally takes about 8 sessions (but varies from person to person). It has amazing results at totally resolving: anxiety, depression, phobias and fears, weight issues, sexual problems, IBS, obsessions and much more…. More

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Professional Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Liverpool – covering Liverpool, Southport, St. Helens, Manchester, Chester, Warrington, Runcorn

*Disclaimer: The Results may vary from person to person

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